Friday, March 16, 2012

Pt. 1 Dick Types: Curvy

A discussion of unusual dick features with built in pleasure benefits men (and women) may not have considered.

Types of Dicks Featured in 5 Parts:
  • Pt.1: Curvy (sideways, up & down)
  • Pt.2: So-called Bad Circumcisions (built-in french ticklers)
  • Pt.3: Mushroom Head Two inch or smaller
  • Pt.4: Still 2 Cum...Soda Can thick
  • Pt.5: Still 2 Cum... Miscellaneous

#1. Curved Penises: 

Most women enjoy a curved penis, yet men think of it as a defect, and in some cases (see link below) it may well be, if it is painful or causing some other physical problem. Women are buying penis shaped vibes & dildos with a curve because this applies pressure to the g-spot better than a straight penis can. 

Don't believe me? Here's two women's vibrators out of thousands, that are sold specifically for taking advantage of the curve. So men with a curvy penis, you have a built-in g-spot curve and by adjusting positions you may find yourself in much greater demand than your straight penis fellows. 

I find the best position for an upward curving penis is missionary since the g-spot is on the frontal vaginal wall. In a doggy-style position the curve is pretty much wasted, considering it pushed the vaginal corridor up against the rectal canal; however some women may enjoy this type of stimulation equally. Likewise a penis that curves down, would be ideal for doggy-style intercourse, reaching the g-spot perfectly.
For those who are in pain or suffering other issues related to their curvy dick, here's an article covering the medical disorder for most cases of curved dicks, at :

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