Friday, March 16, 2012

Pt.3 Dick Types: Sizes & Under 2 Inches

A discussion of unusual dick features with built in pleasure benefits men (and women) may not have considered.

Types of Dicks Featured in 5 Parts:
  • Pt.1: Curvy (sideways, up & down)
  • Pt.2: So-called Bad Circumcisions (built-in french ticklers)
  • Pt.3: Mushroom Head Two inch or smaller
  • Pt.4: Still 2 Cum...Soda Can thick
  • Pt.5: Still 2 Cum... Miscellaneous

#3. Mushroom Head Two Inch or Smaller:

Many men (and women) will not believe any woman can be pleasured with such a small apparatus as a two inch or smaller penis, until you experience one, or several, as I have. The smallest was about an inch and was all bulbous head with no shaft. The image to the right also demonstrates the added bits from the built-in french tickler penis described above & shows the same penis as below left, fully erect at slightly over two inches.

The size of this penis to the below left, if erect, would exactly represent the mushroom head penis of this category, and if all were removed except the pink ring just under the glans, it would depict the one inch all glans penis I have experienced, pleasurably.

Biologically, the average erect penis length is 5.25 to 6.50 inches and the average vaginal depth is 3.5 (pre-arousal)  to 5 inches (post-arousal). If you do the math, that actually means the average sized dick is more than enough for the average depth vagina. However, the vagina is quite flexible and can accommodate somewhat larger penises without pain or discomfort, and as we know, some women prefer larger sized equipment. [I posit that the extra goes to waste, never actually being wrapped within the vaginal corridor and must be very frustrating for a man to use only part of his penis, somewhat like oral sex that only envelopes the top, leaving much unstimulated & literally left out in the cold].

A fact few know is that the vagina only has nerve endings within the 1st two inches of the vaginal corridor, and in some women the cervix itself also produces pleasure, or pain, when bumped during intercourse. So with only the first two inches wired for pleasure, so to speak, is it any wonder few women climax during intercourse without any other stimulation, such as clitoral? A small penis actually can give more pleasure because it stays within that zone the entire time, and for some women the g-spot is also stimulated, creating a triple source of friction for orgasms, vaginal, clitoral and g-spot. I can assure you this is the case, from experience.

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