About Sex Ed Blog

Welcome to Sex Ed (Bill, B.O.B. and Ted)

I've decided to make this more about human sexuality & learning new perspectives, healthy expressions, interesting facts and fun. I laid awake all last night (2/28-29/2012) thinking about the focus for this blog, dreaming up articles I want to write for it, and realized it needed a larger purpose than just titillation. Posts will be geared towards women, but may be shared with men for their enlightenment to a woman's benefit.

Many may wonder, what makes YOU an expert? Without truly planning to, I seem to have made my life a study of sexuality, normal and non, including high level university degrees in Psychology with a major in human sexuality (and substance abuse) counseling. I've also explored every aspect of my own & others' sexuality in an open non-judgmental atmosphere that creates an intimacy & trust for others to approach me for questions, info & inspiration. I've also owned adult web sites, produced adult movies, briefly explored swinging, have lived out all but one of my sexual fantasies (generally multiple times ;) and been instrumental in helping others live out their own. 

Does this make me an expert? Probably not at the level of the Kinney's, but definitely up their with my favorite role model, Dr. Ruth Westheimer [ www.ask.com/Dr+Ruth+Westheimer ] although I do not have a doctorate as she does. Like her I believe I have heard just about every question, seen and heard or experienced every so-called deviation, and see nothing wrong with anything consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their sexual activities as long as no one is harmed or exploited, or is not pursued willingly (as in consenting). Pain for pleasure is not harm if both parties agree to it and set limits & safe words. Pain or power over one person by another, unwilling participants, are another matter.

This blog is a work in progress, and I'll hopefully update this About This Blog page with a more professional & humorous sounding description later on, but for now, this is the purpose of the blog. To help people embrace their sexuality, to learn and grow, to titillate & stimulate, tease & please oneself and one's partner(s). Heterosexual female audience focused, but useful to all populations and encouraged resharing for enlightenment. Life is too short to endure a miserable sex life & the pressures of repression surround us, especially women who are never given equal time or place in the sexual offerings available in any medium. I hope to change that in my small corner of the world...

Happy journey,

PS: My sense of humor is a bit dry, so some of you may not "get" the title of this blog. B.O.B., for instance, is battery operated boyfriend, the rest is just a way to make the title rhyme. Maybe I'll find some acronyms for those too, one never knows :-P