Friday, March 16, 2012

Pt. 2 Dick Types: Built-in French Ticklers

A discussion of unusual dick features with built in pleasure benefits men (and women) may not have considered.

Types of Dicks Featured in 5 Parts:
  • Pt.1: Curvy (sideways, up & down)
  • Pt.2: So-called Bad Circumcisions (built-in french ticklers)
  • Pt.3: Mushroom Head Two inch or smaller
  • Pt.4: Still 2 Cum...Soda Can thick
  • Pt.5: Still 2 Cum... Miscellaneous

#2. So-Called Bad Circumcisions are just built-in french ticklers:

Many men have what is considered a circumcision scar that leaves a ring of foreskin around the glans of their adult penis, insecure because their penis doesn't look normal. Women say, who cares what it looks like when it works like a built-in french tickler that other men have to buy to get the same or similar effect? 

I could not find the image I wanted to use to illustrate this point, of a penis with a bulbous almost flower petal like ring around the underneath of the glans, which to me looked exactly as if it had been designed for women's pleasure.

This image is the closest I could find, although it actually depicts an entirely different & more serious medical problem of the urethra being on the outside of the shaft or in the wrong location. However the bumpy ridge around the glans shows exactly the type of penis I had hoped to have a photo of for you to see. Perhaps I can add that later, if found.

From these images of actual cock-rings, one can imagine the additional frictional pleasure to be had from such an added texture. These can be placed on the penis or on a dildo or vibrator, both of which I have enjoyed fully on many occasions.

By comparing these shapes to the actual foreskin scars (or extra bits left behind for pleasure as I call them ;-) or rings around the underside of the penis head, which is exactly where a cock-ring is worn, it's easy to see that your extra bits should be celebrated for the added sexual stimulation provided to both participants (or multiple partners, if that's your thing :) 

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